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Volunteer Opportunities

Being a member of LIDA can mean more than just attending continuing education meetings. There are several other ways to get involved. Here are some great ideas to help you get more connected to other local Registered Dietitians:

  • Volunteer at local health fairs with Michelle Serpas, Public Relations Chair. You can contact her at

  • Volunteer as a board member of the LIDA. Some positions you need to be elected to and others are voluntary. Each year is a new opportunity to join the board. If you are interested in a board position please contact us.

  • Volunteer with Public Policy Coordinator, Marie Keogh, RD, CDN to make visits to local congressional representatives and help New York achieve licensure as well as including RDs in the forefront of national health care. Contact Marie at

  • Donate Education Materials: A new feature of our website is a public section that contains accurate nutrition information. If we want the public to regard RDs and DTRs as the only resource they should trust for evidenced-based nutrition information we need it to be easily accessible. If you have designed your OWN education materials please email them to Jacqueline Gutierrez, MS, MSEd, RD, CDN, LIDA website coordinator at Feel free to include your name and headshot on the handout. We want you to get credit for your hard work!

  • Get creative! If you have an idea of your own, we would be happy to help you get started and make your project a success. Last year, Amy Shapiro, RD, LIDA member, approached the LIDA about a Nutrition Public Service announcement campaign. Listen to the local radio stations in the next couple of months to hear the nutritional tips provided for Long Islanders by the LIDA. Email to get started on your project today.